Need it in a HURRY!!!! We have a limited selection of our most popular sizes; colors; and temps READY TO SHIP. These Quilts are 100% complete, well minus the down, no additions or alterations can be made, they will be on their way to you in 3-4 business days. Just pick your fill type; the foot box style you’d like; and we’ll get it on it’s way to you ASAP!!!!

The BANDIT Quilt is our hybrid cross-over quilt replacing our best selling Flight Jacket Quilt and providing many of the features from our High Performance RENEGADE Quilt. Using construction methods from the Flight Jacket Quilt with the chamber layout of the RENEGADE Quilt we’ve created a well fitting affordable performance quilt.

Building off of previously established chamber designs, UGQ introduced the concept of isolated chambers on the torso and foot box. This baffle layout provides for zone filling of the quilt, allowing for additional down to be placed where it’s most needed to achieve MAXIMUM comfort and function. Using a combination of vertical and horizontal chambers the BANDIT Quilt will fit you like a glove. This unique concept pioneered by the RENEGADE Quilt provides for exceptional drape and avoids the traditional bridging of the quilt common with traditional left to right chambers.

The design, construction, ultralight fabrics, and UltimaDOWN 800/850/950 fill power downs all combine to make the BANDIT Quilt a true performance value.

All quilts are MADE IN and ship from our shop located in Jackson, Michigan, USA. READY TO SHIP products typically ship from our location within 2-3 business days.

20*F(-6*C) BANDIT QUILT APRIL 2017   
2 1/2" Loft - Baffled800DD - 55"W850GD - 55"W950GD - 55"W
LengthFill / TotalFill / TotalFill / Total
72" (fits up to 5'9")14.17oz/20.58oz 13.36oz/19.77oz 12.01oz/18.42oz 
78" (fits up to 6'3")15.31oz/22.05oz 14.44oz/21.18oz 12.97oz/19.71oz 

*Measurements are based on a quilt with a Snaps & Draw Cord foot box, the foot box fully opened, the quilt laying out flat and then pulled snug. The addition of a Boxed Flat Sewn will shorten the overall measurement of the quilt by 4-6″. This will not affect the sizing recommendations so please make your selection based on the recommendations above. Due to the nature of individual production actual measurements may vary from those shown here*

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800 + $0.00
850 + $50.00
950 + $90.00

800 Overstuff

1oz 800 Overstuff + $6.00
2oz 800 Overstuff + $12.00
3oz 800 Overstuff + $18.00

800 Overstuff Footbox

1oz 800 Overstuff + $6.00

850 Overstuff

1oz 850 Overstuff + $9.00
2oz 850 Overstuff + $18.00
3oz 850 Overstuff + $27.00

850 Overstuff Footbox

1oz 850 Overstuff + $9.00

950 Overstuff

1oz 950 Overstuff + $12.00
2oz 950 Overstuff + $24.00

950 Overstuff Footbox

1oz 950 Overstuff + $12.00


Product price:
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We use our M10, illume15 or HD1.0 fabrics for the outer shell of our BANDIT Quilts.  illume15 or HD1.0 fabrics  provide an excellent compromise between ultralight weight, durability, and DWR finish – without sacrificing breathability.  M10 is used for our inner shells because of its superior finish and satin feel.  For those seeking the lightest possible finished product, M10 is the best option for both inner and outer shells.  M10, illume15 or HD1.0 fabrics have been given exceptional ratings in independent testing by the International Down and Feather Laboratory (IDFL).

The down-filled chambers on the torso section of the BANDIT Quilts run vertically (top to bottom), providing exceptional drape, which means that the quilt will lie close to your body, resulting in better thermal performance.  Gaps between your body and the inside of the quilt are hard for your body to heat; the efficient draping of the BANDIT eliminates almost all of this “dead air”.  The chamber design of the BANDIT’s foot box allows for a variety of options with a snug, efficient fit.

Each down chamber is constructed using Ultralight Nano-mesh baffles between the chambers to allow for maximum loft.  This also enables thermal convection between the chambers.  The vertical design of the torso chambers allows for heat transfer between your core and extremities.  The size of the inner chambers varies from 4-5”, resulting in less down shifting than other larger-chambered designs.

The location of each Nano-mesh baffle is integral to the function of the quilt.  Using advanced design and construction, the down is concentrated in those areas that need it most.  This functional approach results in a quilt with maximum warmth for minimum weight.


If UGQ already uses 130% of the necessary down in its regular quilts, why would YOU consider overstuffing with additional down? We do overstuff to 130% (included in the base price of all our quilts), but you may want to consider additional overstuff if you are a cold sleeper.  The extra down will help buffer the lower limits of the quilt, keeping you toasty-warm even beyond the lower limit.  Another reason for ordering overstuffing is when you expect to use your quilt for an extended period of time without access to laundering.  The additional down will help to retain the performance of the quilt between washings.

We offer two types of overstuff:

OVERSTUFF – This option is evenly distributed throughout the entire quilt including the foot box buffering the down in each chamber evenly.

FOOTBOX OVERSTUFF – This option is evenly distributed in just the bottom horizontal chambers of the quilt helping boast the foot box rating a few degrees.


The BANDIT Ready To Ship Quilt offers two foot box styles:  Snaps w/Draw or Boxed Flat Sewn.

For maximum versatility, choose the Snaps w/Draw option, which allows you the choice of laying the quilt out fully open, creating a partially-closed foot box for ventilation, or fully closing the foot box for colder weather use. This option is available at no additional cost.

For simplicity and additional warmth – at the sacrifice of versatility – choose the Boxed Flat Sewn option.  This style does not have the snaps or drawcord of the previous option; rather the foot box is simply sewn shut then shaped into a “Box”.  This option will reduce the weight of the finished product by approximately 0.25oz, and is an add-on at additional cost.


The BANDIT Ready To Ship Quilt is available in one taper options;

Full-Taper: When fully opened and lying flat, there is a gradual taper from the head end to the foot end along both sides. This style has better thermal efficiency and lighter weight, but provides less coverage and a smaller foot box than no taper quilts.


M10 is an ultralight 10-denier breathable, calendared DOWNPROOF taffeta nylon.  Our M10 was developed to be a great all-around UL fabric that offers excellent wind/water resistance, has an incredibly soft hand feel, and is highly downproof (both in lab tests and in field use) – all at a great price point.  It has a finished weight of only 0.66 oz/yd2, making it one of the thinnest/lightest taffeta nylon fabrics on the market.

illume15 is an ultralight 15-denier breathable, calendared DOWNPROOF ripstop nylon.  It has 15-denier nylon thread woven into a true ripstop pattern, resulting in an exceptionally strong fabric with a finished weight of only 0.91 oz/yd2.  illume15 has a Durable Water Repellant (DWR) finish applied to the face side of the fabric, protecting you and your down from environmental moisture.  illume15 retains a high level of breathability, allowing moisture from your body to pass through the quilt, preventing excessive condensation inside the down chambers.  illume15 has excellent color depth, giving your quilt a rich, luxurious look and feel.  Note, however, that you will tend to see the down through lighter-colored illume15 fabrics, so if you don’t like that look, be sure to choose a darker color.

HD1.0 is our line of lightweight diamond-grid ripstop nylon.  Designed to provide superior performance and feel compared to standard square-grid ripstop, HD1.0 is both stronger and softer, with a unique visual pop.  At only 1.0 oz/yd2, HD1.0 performs to the same standard as standard 1.1 oz/yd2 fabrics, without sacrificing strength or durability, making it the premium fabric choice when conditions demand the most from you and your gear.  HD1.0 has received a 4 out of 5 score on the International Rotating Box Downproof Test (a score of 3 is considered “average”).  HD1.0 has a Durable Water Repellant finish applied to the face side of the fabric to protect both you and your down from environmental moisture.

OutdoorINK® fabrics are our line of lightweight custom printed polyester taffeta. Like M10 nylon taffeta, these fabrics combine breathability, wind/water resistance, and exceptional downproofing with the softest hand feel on the market. To make OutdoorINK® fabric, we start with a custom woven, 15d 0.9 oz/yd2 fabrics high thread-count polyester base material with a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coating. In addition to adding durability, this reduces moisture absorption compared to a nylon base.

Then through dye sublimation process, ink is permanently bonded to the polyester yarn at a molecular level. That’s fancy speak for “it won’t come off”. This means that our printed fabrics are incredibly color fast. They will resist fading and discoloration even after washing and sun exposure. The dye sublimation print process allows extraordinary color brilliance due to the ink’s molecular-level bond with the transparent polyester fibers.

There are lighter fabrics available on the market, but … as with all things in life, there are small compromises to be made.  We chose these fabrics because they provide the best balance of performance across the board for durability, downproofness, weather resistance, and weight – all the factors critical to the long-term survival of you and your gear on the trail.

illume15, M10, HD1.0 and OutdoorINK® fabrics have been given exceptional ratings in independent testing by IFDL for use in down filled garments.

DISCLAIMER: Due to monitor setting, monitor pixel definitions, the limitations of desktop scanners, digital photography, and dye lot variations, we cannot guarantee that the color you see on your screen is the exact color of the product. We strive to make our colors as accurate as possible, but the images on our website are intended as a guide to help you choose your items. All colors on the website are approximations of the actual colors. For best results, view this page with your color depth set to 16-bit (thousands of colors) or higher. If you’d like an actual sample swatch of fabric delivered to you so that you can see, touch, and evaluate the quality, color, and finish, please feel free to send us a request via email. Colors may be discontinued without notice. If you place an order for a color that is unavailable, you will be notified via email, at which time you may either select an alternate color, or request a full refund.

OUR DOWNS:  Ultima800DD / Ultima850GD / Ultima950GD

Our BANDIT Quilts allow you to choose from three types of down:  Ultima 800 fill power duck down; Ultima 850 fill power goose down; or for even lighter weight and superior performance in severe conditions, Ultima 950 fill power goose down.  The combination of our DWR shell materials and UltimaDOWN will give you the perfect balance between moisture control and breathability. All our down is third party tested and certified for fill power, down content, species, and cleanliness. Learn more about down testing and standards HERE

Our commitment to using Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certified down means that the whole story of the down we source is monitored by the independent and highly respected Textile Exchange. With the rigid standards of the RDS, you can be confident that the down in your UGQ product is not only the highest quality available, but was also ethically sourced from humanely treated animals. Each phase of down sourcing is monitored and audited every year. Paired with tracing capabilities, the origins of down have never been more transparent. Learn more about the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) HERE

UltimaDOWN is not a hydrophobic treated down.  Although we have offered hydrophobic treated down in the past, we have weighed the benefits vs. drawbacks carefully, and have recently stopped offering WR down. The benefits, which are marginal at best in real world scenarios, are offset by lower loft, intra laundering clumping, and the need for more down to offset the lower lofting and possible clumping. Effective April 11, 2016, we will no longer use hydrophobic down in our products.


Our BANDIT Quilts come with a removable pad attachment system to secure your quilt to your sleeping pad.  Hammock users, warm weather campers, and those who sleep like the dead can choose to remove the system completely, leaving it at home to save weight.


All BANDIT Quilts include a 40d Silpoly Stuff Sack and our Pad Attachment System (Single Strap).



The following recommendations are for general guidance only, you will need to determine the best fit for your given needs.

Length RecommendationsQuilt Width Measurements
66L is recommended for users up to 5'3" tall (160cm)50″ FULL TAPER Shoulders 50″ (127cm) / Hips 45″(114cm) / Foot Box 40″(102cm)
72L is recommended for users up to 5'9" tall (175cm)55″ FULL TAPER Shoulders 55″(140cm) / Hips 48″(122cm) / Foot Box 40″(102cm)
78L is recommended for users up to 6'3″ tall (190cm)50″ NO TAPER Shoulders 50″(127cm) / Hips 50″(127cm) / Foot Box 50″(127cm)
84L is recommended for users up to 6’9" tall (205cm)55″ NO TAPER Shoulders 55″(140cm) / Hips 55″(140cm) / Foot Box 55″(140cm)
Length recommendations are based on using the quilt snugged up around your neck; if you wish to cover your head with the quilt, we recommend sizing up one length. Stomach sleepers should size up one full size in length.To determine the girth that’s best for you, determine whether you are a side sleeper or a back sleeper. If in doubt, we recommend that you measure for side sleeping. Lying on your side, have someone measure you from side to side, starting at the floor up to your chest, over your shoulder and back down to the floor on the opposite side. Add between 6” and 8” to this measurement to determine the appropriate girth for you. Active sleepers should size up one full size in width.

*Measurements are based on a quilt with a Snaps & Draw Cord foot box, the foot box fully opened, the quilt laying out flat and then pulled snug. The addition of a Boxed Flat Sewn or Insulated Foot Box will shorten the overall measurement of the quilt by 4-6″. This will not affect the sizing recommendations so please make your selection based on the recommendations above. Due to the nature of individual production actual measurements may vary from those shown here*



1 1/4" Loft - Sewn800DD - 50"W850GD - 50"W950GD - 50"W800DD - 55"W850GD - 55"W950GD - 55"W
LengthFill / TotalFill / TotalFill / TotalFill / TotalFill / TotalFill / Total
66" (fits up to 5'3")5.88 oz / 10.34 oz 5.57 oz / 10.02 oz 5.03 oz / 9.49 oz 6.48 oz / 11.31 oz 6.13 oz / 10.96 oz 5.54 oz / 10.36 oz 
72" (fits up to 5'9")6.37 oz / 11.11 oz 6.03 oz / 10.77 oz 5.45 oz / 10.19 oz 7.03 oz / 12.17 oz 6.64 oz / 11.79 oz 5.99 oz / 11.14 oz 
78" (fits up to 6'3")6.86 oz / 11.89 oz 6.49 oz / 11.51 oz 5.86 oz / 10.88 oz 7.57 oz / 13.03 oz 7.15 oz / 12.61 oz 6.45 oz / 11.91 oz 
84" (fits up to 6'9")7.35 oz / 12.66 oz 6.96 oz / 12.26 oz 6.27 oz / 11.58 oz 8.11 oz / 13.89 oz 7.66 oz / 13.44 oz 6.91 oz / 12.69 oz 
1 1/2" Loft - Baffled800DD - 50"W850GD - 50"W950GD - 50"W800DD - 55"W850GD - 55"W950GD - 55"W
LengthFill / TotalFill / TotalFill / TotalFill / TotalFill / TotalFill / Total
66" (fits up to 5'3")7.00 oz / 12.24 oz 6.61 oz / 11.86 oz 5.97 oz / 11.22 oz 7.72 oz / 13.34 oz 7.29 oz / 12.91 oz 6.58 oz / 12.20 oz 
72" (fits up to 5'9")7.59 oz / 13.14 oz 7.17 oz / 12.72 oz 6.47 oz / 12.02 oz 8.38 oz / 14.33 oz 7.91 oz / 13.86 oz 7.13 oz / 13.08 oz 
78" (fits up to 6'3")8.18 oz / 14.03 oz 7.73 oz / 13.58 oz 6.97 oz / 12.82 oz 9.03 oz / 15.32 oz 8.53 oz / 14.82 oz 7.68 oz / 13.97 oz 
84" (fits up to 6'9")8.77 oz / 14.93 oz 8.28 oz / 14.44 oz 7.46 oz / 13.62 oz 9.69 oz / 16.31 oz 9.15 oz / 15.77 oz 8.24 oz / 14.86 oz 
2" Loft - Baffled800DD - 50"W850GD - 50"W950GD - 50"W800DD - 55"W850GD - 55"W950GD - 55"W
LengthFill / TotalFill / TotalFill / TotalFill / TotalFill / TotalFill / Total
66" (fits up to 5'3")9.27 oz / 14.74 oz 8.75 oz / 14.23 oz 7.89 oz / 13.36 oz 10.25 oz / 16.09 oz 9.67 oz / 15.52 oz 8.71 oz / 14.55 oz 
72" (fits up to 5'9")10.07 oz / 15.84 oz 9.51 oz / 15.28 oz 8.56 oz / 14.33 oz 11.13 oz / 17.31 oz 10.51 oz / 16.69 oz 9.45 oz / 15.63 oz 
78" (fits up to 6'3")10.87 oz / 16.85 oz 10.26 oz / 16.34 oz 9.23 oz / 15.31 oz 12.02 oz / 18.53 oz 11.34 oz / 17.85 oz 10.20 oz / 16.71 oz 
84" (fits up to 6'9")11.66 oz / 18.05 oz 11.01 oz / 17.39 oz 9.90 oz / 16.28 oz 12.90 oz / 19.75 oz 12.17 oz / 19.02 oz 10.94 oz / 17.79 oz 
2 1/2" Loft - Baffled800DD - 50"W850GD - 50"W950GD - 50"W800DD - 55"W850GD - 55"W950GD - 55"W
LengthFill / TotalFill / TotalFill / TotalFill / TotalFill / TotalFill / Total
66" (fits up to 5'3")11.78 oz / 17.48 oz 11.11 oz / 16.81 oz 10.00 oz / 15.70 oz 13.03 oz / 19.10 oz 12.29 oz / 18.36 oz 11.05 oz / 17.12 oz 
72" (fits up to 5'9")12.80 oz / 18.81 oz 12.08 oz / 18.08 oz 10.86 oz / 16.86 oz 14.17 oz / 20.58 oz 13.36 oz / 19.77 oz 12.01 oz / 18.42 oz 
78" (fits up to 6'3")13.87 oz / 20.13 oz 13.04 oz / 19.35 oz 11.72 oz / 18.03 oz 15.31 oz / 22.05 oz 14.44 oz / 21.18 oz 12.97 oz / 19.71 oz 
84" (fits up to 6'9")14.85 oz / 21.46 oz 14.01 oz / 20.62 oz 12.59 oz / 19.20 oz 16.45 oz / 23.52 oz 15.51 oz / 22.59 oz 13.93 oz / 21.01 oz 
3" Loft - Baffled800DD - 50"W850GD - 50"W950GD - 50"W800DD - 55"W850GD - 55"W950GD - 55"W
LengthFill / TotalFill / TotalFill / TotalFill / TotalFill / TotalFill / Total
66" (fits up to 5'3")13.28 oz / 19.09 oz 12.54 oz / 18.36 oz 11.30 oz / 17.30 oz 14.67 oz / 20.86 oz 13.85 oz / 20.04 oz 12.47 oz / 18.66 oz 
72" (fits up to 5'9")14.41 oz / 20.54 oz 13.61 oz / 19.73 oz 12.26 oz / 18.38 oz 15.94 oz / 22.46 oz 15.04 oz / 21.56 oz 13.54 oz / 20.06 oz 
78" (fits up to 6'3")15.56 oz / 21.98 oz 14.69 oz / 21.11 oz 13.22 oz / 19.64 oz 17.20 oz / 24.06 oz 16.24 oz / 23.09 oz 14.61 oz / 21.46 oz 
84" (fits up to 6'9")16.70 oz / 23.42 oz 15.76 oz / 22.48 oz 14.18 oz / 20.90 oz 18.47 oz / 25.66 oz 17.43 oz / 24.62 oz 15.67 oz / 22.86 oz 
3 1/2" Loft - Baffled800DD - 50"W850GD - 50"W950GD - 50"W800DD - 55"W850GD - 55"W950GD - 55"W
LengthFill / TotalFill / TotalFill / TotalFill / TotalFill / TotalFill / Total
66" (fits up to 5'3")14.78 oz / 20.71 oz 13.97 oz / 19.90 oz 12.61 oz / 18.53 oz 16.31 oz / 22.61 oz 15.41 oz / 21.71 oz 13.90 oz / 20.19 oz 
72" (fits up to 5'9")16.04 oz / 22.27 oz 15.15 oz / 21.38 oz 13.66 oz / 19.89 oz 17.71 oz / 24.34 oz 16.72 oz / 23.36 oz 15.07 oz / 21.70 oz 
78" (fits up to 6'3")17.29 oz / 23.82 oz 16.33 oz / 22.86 oz 14.72 oz / 21.25 oz 19.10 oz / 26.07 oz 18.03 oz / 25.50 oz 16.24 oz / 23.21 oz 
84" (fits up to 6'9")18.54 oz / 25.38 oz 17.51 oz / 24.35 oz 15.77 oz / 22.61 oz 20.49 oz / 27.79 oz 19.34 oz / 26.65 oz 17.41 oz / 24.72 oz 



illume15 or HD1.0 Outer Shell will add approximately 1.35 oz to Finished Weights.

No Taper will add approximately 0.5 oz



WARRANTY: UGQ Outdoor LLC warrants its products will be free from defects in materials and workmanship to the original owner for the lifetime of the product. If a warranty claim is validated, we will repair, replace or refund, at our option, the damaged product. The Limited Lifetime Warranty does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear, accident, lost or stolen items, improper care or cleaning, non-standard usage, negligence or after-market modifications.

“Lifetime of the product” means the lifetime of the components, fabrics and materials of the warrantied product. Materials and components wear out, deteriorate and fade over time, depending on the product’s exposure to the elements and how the product is used and cared for. Our warranty does not cover products that fail or are damaged due to wear and tear.

Our Limited Lifetime Warranty does not include return shipping to our location.

Repairs arising from abuse or neglect of the product (e.g., torn fabric or rot caused by improper storage) will be done at reasonable rates.  We will provide you with an emailed estimate of the details of the necessary repairs, as well as the estimated cost, before any repair is performed.