About us

Established in 2011, we're not just a company; we're a passionate team on a mission to craft the absolute best ultralight gear in the world! Our unwavering dedication to customer service, quality, and innovative design has elevated UGQ to a revered status within the ultralight community.

What sets us apart? Each and every piece of gear is lovingly created by our close-knit team of devoted individuals. We're not just crafting gear; we're crafting experiences, ensuring that every item we produce is a masterpiece of meticulous detail, unmatched by any other brand.

Whether you're in pursuit of the absolute lightest gear available or something sturdier for your next adventure, rest assured that our unwavering commitment to quality remains unwavering across all price points.

And the best part? Every single piece of gear is proudly made right here in our custom-built shop in Jackson, Michigan, USA. Choose UGQ, and you're choosing excellence, passion, and the very best in ultralight gear. Elevate your adventures with UGQ!

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