Continuous Ridge Line (CRL) W/ Loopaliens




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Pitching your tarp tight requires a ridge line that pitches tight and stays tight. We tested many different hardware and line configurations before selecting LoopAlien® for our hardware in this kit. Super light, easy to use, and no line damage all factored into our decision to offer LoopAlien® as our preferred hardware choice.
The UGQ CRL kit contains a 28′ (8.5M) super low stretch 1.75mm Lash-It Continuous Ridge Line w/ a locked brummel at each end , 2 — Alum LoopAliens, 2 — continuous loops fixed with Mil-Spec Toggles or optional 2 — UGQ Micro Biners. Weight 0.85oz (24g) w/o Toggles 1.07oz (30g) w/ Mirco Biners





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