Tarps - Fast Track

We will be rolling out tarps slowly starting with Fast Track Hanger12 which are now available for ordering, Fast Track Winter Dream12 will be available late the week of August 3, 2020, and finally full custom by mid August. It has been a very challenging time the past few months and we were forced to reduce some product offerings. Be sure to check out the Fast Track options to see if something there works for you.

Need it in a HURRY!!!! We have a limited selection of our most popular sizes and colors FAST TRACK READY. These Tarps are 100% complete, just select the available options you’d like and your new tarp will be on it’s way to you in 2-3 business days. Due to the speed with which FAST TRACK READY Tarps are shipped your order can not be canceled or changed once it is placed.

Constructed from a super low stretch 1.1/oz 20d Sil/PU coated Ripstop Polyester. Polyester based fabrics have much less stretch than traditionally used nylon based fabrics. This means your tarp will stay taut throughout the night, performing more efficiently than a nylon based tarp would. Sil/PU Polyester also has the advantage of naturally repelling water, resulting in your tarp being much lighter when wet and pack up much smaller as it will not absorb water like a traditional Silnylon will.

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